Brands Go Hog Wild for Chinese New Year

Brands Go Hog Wild for Chinese New Year
February 05, 2019

While it might not be a major holiday in mainstream American culture, Chinese New Year is a huge opportunity for marketers across the world. In January 2019 alone, the topic was featured in close to 300K mentions across Twitter, in the news, blogs, forums and more (112K in the U.S.). Brands like Starbucks, Kate Spade (yes, I bought the no-longer-available pink version!) and Louis Vuitton have created Year of the Pig merchandise sure to bring good luck and fortune, or at least help the caffeinated and stylish get into the spirit. And advertisers, especially in Asian markets, have created some beautiful stories like this one from Apple to connect with consumers during this time. Enjoy more of these holiday spots and have a happy Chinese New Year!


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