Give Your Marketing Some Character

Give Your Marketing Some Character
September 24, 2018

What do Homer Simpson, Daenerys Targaryen and Walter White all have in common? Hint: it ain’t a love of Duff beer and donuts. OK yes, they are all fictional characters on TV shows, but let’s take it a step further. Afterall, these aren’t just your average, run-of-the-mill characters, these are the kind of characters that MAKE a show.

Think of the last binge-worthy TV show you really got into . . . chances are it features at least one truly memorable character like this. Heck, some of the very best shows of all time feature multiple iconic characters. And while everybody has their different tastes in TV shows — some of us are looking for laughs while others want a bit of drama — the one constant is a show-making character that you will never forget.

If you look at a great TV show like you would a successful company, then these characters can be thought of as the marketing that elevates the vibe of the overall brand. They are entertaining, memorable and keep us coming back for more. With that in mind, let’s see what kind of “marketing” our Yalo Tribe is drawn to. Here are some of our favorite TV show characters of all time.

Kristin - Claire Underwood

Eric - Coach

Brian - Phil Dunphy

Brandon - Will Smith

Chris - Hawkeye

Anne - Jon Snow

Scott - Michael Scott

Denise - Olivia Pope

Arnold - Raylan Givens

Pete - Fred Sanford

Rachel - Jerry Seinfeld

Lance - Stringer Bell

So the next time you step back to look at your company and its marketing, ask yourself what kind of TV show character it features. I like to think of it like this, The Office with Michael Scott had a totally different vibe than The Office with Robert California. Is your marketing true to the soul of your company? Is it helping to elevate the overall vibe of the organization? Does it entertain your audience while also informing them? Is it binge-worthy?


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