Walk It Out!

Walk It Out!
April 25, 2018

While the Masters golf tournament brings fans the traditional, Augusta National pomp and circumstance, the Zurich Classic, down in New Orleans, is looking to widen the appeal of golf by channeling its inner happy place…as in Happy Gilmore. Last year the tournament introduced a two-man format (essentially team golf), but this year they are looking to make some real noise. For the first time ever on the PGA Tour, the golfing pairs will get to select their own walk-up music for the first tee intros!

Adding music to the festivities will not only solidify the Zurich Classic’s unique golf brand, but it will also further enhance the competitive team atmosphere and most importantly, it will help connect the players and the fans. Since making the announcement earlier this month, some of the golfers have taken to social media for fan assistance on song selection.









Some of our Yalo Tribe decided to join in on the walk-up song fun this week by making our own selections. Check out our Spotify Playlist and Videos below!

Andy - Chelsea Dagger

Anne - Number One Spot

Arnold - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Brandon - God’s Plan

Brian - Thunderstruck

Denise - Peter Gunn Theme

Eric - My Hero

Jeff - The Imperial March

Kristin - All I Do Is Win 

Lance - Right Above It

Rachel - Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Scott - Eye of The Tiger

Traci - Hollaback Girl

We are no strangers to amping things up with music. At Yalo, we like to leverage inspiration from film, art, music and sports to help us create entertaining and memorable brand experiences for our clients. One of the most fun creative exercises we do during our client kickoff meetings is called Soul Song. If your company/brand/project were a song, what would that song be? That Soul Song then becomes the internal compass for our work, guiding us along the way.

In the world of marketing, companies can sometimes struggle to cut through all the noise that’s out there. That, or they are maybe looking for new ways to connect with the audiences in their buttoned up industries. We find that leveraging music as an inspirational foundation really helps to inject soul into our work and produces a truly unique outcome that generates better results. Think about it, most everyone can relate to music on some level, whether it’s the lyrics, the rhythm or simply the way a song makes you feel. The Soul Song is just one of the many ways that helps us to defy and fly for our clients!

Header Photo Credit: Reservoir Dogs

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