Meet the Tribe

Brian Eisenberg
Technical Director

“I love it when a plan comes together.” – Hannibal from The A-Team

Brian brings over 25 years of technology experience to the team and a professional background in Enterprise Software. With expertise in Product Development, Product Marketing, Product Management, Systems Engineering and Solutions Consulting, he is a veritable Swiss Army knife of hands-on tech skills.

Brian’s passion lies in translating technology into real-world solutions. He is always looking for ways to find new solutions for his clients’ needs, driving him to consistently deliver, and always strive to exceed customer expectations.

Brian also holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington. A bookworm at heart, he is always nose-deep in the latest trends in technology.

When Brian is not captivated by his dual monitors with multiple SSH/sFTP sessions (and a zillion Browser tabs) open, he is completely unplugged. Working his 40 acres of land in Washington State, Brian maintains a solar-powered “Smart Offgrid” cabin.

Chris Moe
Executive Client Leader

My success is purely based on my clients’ success.

In Chris’s 20+ years as a marketer he has probably done it all at least once - from campaigns to events, graphic design, managing teams and budgets, pricing theory, experimenting with marketing automation and making an impact through social media. As a Yalo Executive Client Leader, Chris pulls from his years at Sage and Aderant to truly understand projects from the client perspective and partners with them the best way to meet their goals. When not behind a laptop, this Iowa native tries to get out to enjoy the Atlanta weather as much as possible.

Rich Krahn
Data Scientist

“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.”-Albert Einstein

Rich Krahn was well traveled before his parents settled in Minnesota where he received his nomination to the United States Merchant Marine Academy. After earning his degree in engineering, marine operator’s license and Naval Reserve commission, Rich fulfilled his obligation sailing on tankers for Exxon USA. Deciding that this was a young man’s profession, he pursued an MBA in Accounting at the University of Wisconsin and joined Arthur Andersen. During a 25-year consulting career with Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Rich worked with over 40 clients in consumer-packaged goods, industrial products and process industries in the manufacturing, supply chain and enterprise integration disciplines. Not being well-suited for retirement, he worked 13 years in academia. Most recently Rich was an adjunct professor in the supply chain program at the University of Wisconsin, Stout, collaborating with Owens Illinois on sustainability initiatives. Deciding that this was not the last thing he wanted to do, he reinvented himself by completing the Data Scientist curriculum at The common thread has always been to avoid the routine and common place, and always look for interesting problems.

Chris Dawson
Full Stack Web Developer

“I enjoy solving problems and puzzles. Whether it’s one of my various Rubik’s cubes, setting up a web server, or designing a website, I have found that there is always a way.”

Originally from a mechanical engineering background, Chris transitioned to software development focusing on full stack web development to find the perfect mix of his technical and creative side. Chris brings experience in meshing UX design and front-end development with the back-end server requirements in order to meet customer needs. Always learning and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of web development, Chris is up to the challenge of making the best website possible. Some of Chris’s technical experience includes AWS, Apache, Nginx, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Java, Php, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Angular.js, React.js, Wordpress, HTML, & CSS.

Cedric Thomas
Head of Corporate Development

“Don’t let the noise of others drown out your inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” - Steve Jobs

Cedric Thomas has over 20 years of experience in Corporate Development, Project Management and Business Operations at various technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Apple and Symantec. As a Management Consultant at Deloitte, he managed multi-national acquisitions and divestitures on behalf of clients as well as multiple Business Transformation initiatives. When not working or investing in start-ups, Cedric enjoys working out religiously and spending time with family.

Arnold Huffman

“Every day we can help our clients’ success — by entertaining their customers, proving results to their leadership and elevating their own career — is a day well spent.”

Arnold learned at an early age, from his tool salesman father, the value of responsive, customer-driven service and attention to detail. It’s these values that he tirelessly applies to Digital Yalo’s strategic direction. With over 20 years’ experience delivering complex consulting services and world-class digital marketing solutions, Arnold prides himself on client satisfaction and value creation. Away from the office, you’ll find him at a live music venue, on the basketball court or enjoying time with his wife and three children.

Lance Shoulders
VP of Client Strategy

“We’re all told the importance of outlining our goals. But of greater importance is articulating those goals as succinctly and accurately as possible, then executing them with a defined strategy built for success.”

Lance is a master of taking enormous, complex challenges and breaking them down into simple, manageable solutions. As an executive at Unisource and Accenture, Lance led strategy efforts that resulted in complete sales organization overhauls supported by supply chain, product management, IT and finance services. His 20 years of industry success has earned him the nickname The Fixer, and the fact that he played college hoops against our CEO has earned him some street cred with his two kids.

Eric Cantini
Vice President

“I love working with clients to identify and tap into new business opportunities, using targeted marketing programs with messages that differentiate.”

Eric has witnessed the power of great partnerships between agencies and clients. Successful marketing programs deliver meaningful ROI, and Eric is always focused on results. After 20 years in direct and digital marketing, his experiences at both agencies and on the client side help him treat every marketing investment like it is his own. At home, Eric, his wife and four kids enjoy a variety of youth sports, boating on Lake Erie and snow skiing.

Denise Cowden
VP Communications

“There are many ways to measure success in this business. My job is to ensure clients achieve their goals through exceptional design, usability and effectiveness.”

Denise has nearly two decades’ experience working with some of the most iconic marketing gurus of the twentieth century. Her wealth of knowledge demonstrates its value when managing our executive and marketing communications, brand management and channel and customer marketing services. She’s also a multi-lingual social media savant with an eye for architecture and a thirst for classic entertainment.

Kate Castrovince
Sr. Director, Executive Client Leader

I’m a perfectionist and will do whatever it takes to make sure my clients are happy and successful. My goal is to make their jobs and lives easier!

Kate is a professional multitasker, coordinating the execution of multiple online and offline marketing initiatives at one time. She is passionate about solving her clients’ problems quickly, perfectly and always with a smile. She has over 10 years of experience guiding all types of projects across a range of industries. Clear communication, comprehensive project plans and a positive personality allow Kate to exceed clients’ expectations every time. When not working, Kate loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, running, baking and fashion.

John Lurtz

"I believe Technology should enable people to work less, play more and live better lives!"

John began his career with Accenture working in the Chemicals market unit servicing DuPont, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson and others. He is driven by providing customers access to the same industry best practices & technology solutions the Fortune 100 have been thriving on for years. His technical expertise includes (to name a few) C#, JAVA, Django, PostGres, HTML5, JavaScript, SQL Server, Angular.js, React.js and Node.js. John offers a rare blend of sales, technology, and software development expertise.

Kevin MacConnell
Sr. Director, Executive Client Leader

In the digital world, everything is constantly evolving which means as a client leader we must always be learning and growing. This is critical to bringing the best ideas and optimizations to the table for our clients.

Kevin has over 12 years of traditional and digital marketing experience, successfully leading large scale campaigns to deliver for his clients. His background includes CPG and client leadership in retail, sports marketing and other sectors. Kevin’s career began in apparel and footwear product management, but his passion shifted to the digital space after seeing the power of email and website marketing driving his product line’s sales. His previous client list includes Fortune 300 brands Walmart, Target, Dollar General and Dick's Sporting Goods. When Kevin is not partnering with his clients, he spends his time with his wife and 2 children, cheering on his beloved Boston sports teams, and hitting the links.

Anne Dawson
Strategy Director

“I truly believe that possibilities are endless. Optimism comes naturally to me and I consider it an essential aspect of not only strategy development but also day-to-day life.”

Anne’s passion is turning customers into brand advocates. Whether through social media engagement, custom proposal builds or hands-on networking, she is always seeking ways to elevate brands to the next level. If you’re alive and breathing you’re a potential customer and Anne has her thumb on you. Canadian born and American raised, Anne is an adventurous and restless seeker of new experiences.

Rachel Gehrs
Associate Creative Director

I once read a quote, that stated “Practice safe design, always use a concept” and it stuck with me. As a designer, it’s easy to make something “look pretty,” but it is the design that has a concept that stands out in the marketplace.

Rachel is an award-winning Senior Design + Marketing Professional who prides herself on the ability to translate client insights into engaging and purposeful creative solutions that drive sales revenue, client engagement and brand awareness. Her professional experience has provided her the opportunity to work across a diverse clientele — ranging from consumer products and retail to B2B and financial services. She has developed solutions that include brand strategy, retail/environmental design, product development, direct mail/catalogs, ecommerce sites + email, advertising campaign development, event branding and iPhone applications. Regardless of the client or the solution, Rachel delivers conceptual creative that exceeds expectations and delivers measurable results.

Tim Aron
Associate Creative Director

"Creating our client's vision, simplifying complex ideas and messaging into modern digestible visuals for their audience to consume is my daily challenge."

Tim brings leading innovation in the visual world with over 15 years of industry experience building brands and online experiences to our team. He lives in the visual world, bringing inspiration from the world around us to lead clients from ideation to execution. His range of creative talents blends concepting, UX, design, front-end development for mobile-first sites and applications. He represents the global yalo spirit traveling the world with his wife. His claim to fame is staring as an extra in a Hulk Hogan movie "No Hold Barred" (one not to be missed) bringing our entertainment credit up a level.

Drew Pearson
Sr Director of Development

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin


Drew has more than 15 years of interactive development and business ownership experience. Not just a developer, Drew has the unique ability to bridge the gap between designers and developers, while being able to clearly communicate with clients. He's worked on projects for companies like NBC Universal, Georgia Lottery, Georgia Aquarium, Genentech, Arby’s, and many top college athletic programs through a partnership with Bluechip Athletic Solutions. His team has created more than 100 mobile apps and works on the cutting edge of responsive website design and development techniques, along with 360° video and augmented/virtual reality.

On the leadership team for the XR Atlanta meetup, Drew helped create events for 1,300+ professionals and enthusiasts of augmented reality, virtual reality, 360° Video, and other futuristic technologies. He also runs the XR Dojo meetup to teach and inspire the community by creating small projects as a group. Highly self-driven and passionate about creating fun and unique user experiences, he is constantly trying out new technologies and thinking of ways they can be used commercially.

When not geeking out, Drew loves to spend time with his family, white water rafting, and playing the latest video games.


Scott Efferson
Director of Business Development

“I take pride in connecting companies to the creative minds of Yalo, knowing they will be backed by the most passionate professionals in the industry whose #1 goal is to ensure the success of their clients.”

Scott has over 10 years of business development experience and knows what it takes to connect prospects to the service or product they are searching for. He comes to Yalo from the medical industry, having most recently worked for the largest privately held medical billing organization in the country. His entrepreneurial spirit fuels him daily as he searches for those companies in need of a little soul injection for their brands. When he’s not “in the zone” of his biz dev efforts, you can probably find him watching his LSU Tigers or taking out huge chunks of earth at the nearest golf facility.

Cline Bates
Front-End Developer

First Impressions are everything and I want the interaction with a client’s website or mobile app to be an enjoyable one.

Cline uses his knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to graduate the client’s ideas from design to the front end of a website or mobile app. Each day presents a new challenge, from learning how to create Virtual Tours to adding a 3rd dimension to the web with AFRAME’s Web 3D technology. Cline’s eagerness to learn helps him tackle each one head on. When Cline isn’t coding, he enjoys playing video games and watching his beloved Atlanta Falcons or Los Angeles Lakers.

Brandon Bradford
Operations Director

"Building a talented, engaged and efficient team makes work not feel like work. I enjoy helping people become the best version of themselves while driving continuous improvement." 

Brandon is a results-driven leader with over 8 years of business experience driving sales, building teams and streamlining operations. He has demonstrated strengths in leadership development, operational efficiency, customer service, organizational structure, change leadership, human resources and brand maintenance. Brandon’s work has been primarily in the retail industry with Target, leading teams in excess of 150 members and being accountable for stores totaling over $100M.

Pete Kever
Digital Marketing Director

"I have built my career around focusing on my customers – and their customers. Digital marketing is all about understanding the mind of the customer and answering their questions."

An early adopter of digital marketing techniques, Pete has successfully executed more than 1,500 campaigns since 1996. He has been working with organic and paid search strategies since before Google, programmed his first websites in Notepad and has watched the industry grow up the past 20 years. Outside the office, Pete likes to get outside — as deep in the wilderness as possible (but still within cell tower range)!

Traci Hudson
Event Director

“With so much communication done remotely and digitally, when we do actually get to assemble people together in a physical space we want to take full advantage of that unique opportunity.”

Traci helps our clients with all aspects of event coordination including research, budgeting, lead generation, marketing and overall ROI success. She has successfully organized everything from small, one-day conferences to massive, multi-day events for brands like Pfizer, BP, Coca-Cola and the Department of Defense. If you need to know more, just look her up in the Georgia Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Rachel Stallard
Content Director

"I’m not a rocket scientist. My approach to marketing is more down to earth. Every day I wear my listening ears. Whether it’s feedback from clients, an idea from a team member or that little voice inside my head—there are always new and exciting ways to share a company’s story."

Rachel brings over 15 years of marketing experience to our team getting her start as a news anchor in rural Nebraska. With a Masters in creative writing, she most recently led a team of writers for a high end retailer. Treating everyone - both internal and external - as a client, Rachel helps articulate and translate messages across channels. She is quick to provide thoughtful, actionable solutions and motivate team members to implement for fast results. A writer, a video producer and mom of three young children, she excels at conflict resolution.

Pete Ballard
Director of Video

They want to do what in their video? OK, let's figure it out!

A seasoned communications executive, Pete has been helping clients entertain their audiences, grow their businesses and enhance their brands through engaging video for over 17 years. He is a creative problem solver and a skilled project manager who facilitates the entire production process from idea generation and message creation through budgeting, filming and delivery. When he's not on set or working behind the scenes, you can find him at his local Crossfit gym or having adventures with his two young children.

Max Mitchell
Project Manager

Helping others has always held a special place in my heart. I love having the opportunity to meet with people, hear their dreams and develop a plan that caters to their needs.

Max's biggest strengths lie in his strategy, his empathy and his inquisitive nature. Whether through working with co-workers, clients or his club team in the mornings, Max is always looking to connect and assist those around him in any way he can. When he's not on a call or working on his laptop, you can find him at the gym, running around town or talking someone's ear off at a coffee shop.

Maggie Tyma
Business Analyst

What is so exciting about the digital world is its ever-evolving platform. Consumers and businesses are savvy. This world is no longer about what you make, but the story you tell and the relationship you build. Today is all about authenticity and a personal voice.

Maggie has spent her entire life playing sports, and 4 years as a college soccer player. She carries the skills, lessons, belief and commitment to results she’s acquired from her career as an athlete to her work every day. She believes in an intricate level of communication and collaboration, adaptability, personality and focus, and brings her deep desire to excel to every client, project or task. On top of sports, she has studied as an actress and is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. The marriage of her analytical and creative side helps her produce the best possible results. Those results are separating extraordinary from ordinary and delivering exceptional solutions to her clients. In her free time you can see her on the soccer field, on the stage or behind the camera.

Jon Bishop
Creative Design

“Design is an ongoing conversation. I give my clients a voice.”

Jon comes from the rough-and-tumble world of tech startups. In his previous position, he enjoyed a six-year tenure as the Creative Director of a successful software design firm. With experience handling everything from websites and apps to tradeshows and animations, Jon fills the free safety position at Yalo. He enjoys jumping into new projects, tackling new challenges, and inching the design needle forward with each new assignment.

Outside of Yalo, Jon enjoys traveling, GM’ing Dungeons & Dragons, attending art festivals, singing karaoke and spending quality time with his preschool-fling-turned-beautiful wife.